Z-Boards. Bare Bones Screened Bottom Board
Z-Boards. Bare Bones Screened Bottom Board

Z-Boards Weatherproofed with White Observation Board

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  Z-Boards with a White Observation Board.
  Weatherproofed, ready to go, no need to paint.
    These Screened Bottom Boards are total goofs. They cannot be used with Observation Boards under the screen.  Some the grooves do not line up, some have a know that you can't used the door with and close off the bottom.  Some the wood is damaged.  Guaranteed to be fully functional as a Screened Bottom Board with no way to trap mites.  T
  hese Screened Bottom Boards are Marked with a Z
     You CANNOT slide an observation board underneath the screen.  Somehow when assembled, one or both of the grooves are unusable, or they have a knot or damaged wood where you cannot close off the bottom.  
     But you can slide the white observation board on top of the screen to mimic a solid floor and remove for complete ventilation.  When the white observation board is on top of the screen, it doesn't  trap or remove mites.  
      If you are looking for a opened bottom board where you don't have to collect powdered sugar or mites, this is a great deal.  
  Our  Combo Z-Boards are weatherproofed, ready to go into the bee yard.  They have no hardward  or doors on them on them, just the bare bones and a Observation Board.  
   Remember, the white observation boards must be store flat and out of the sun.  These are not UV protected and will bend in hot temperatures.  We store ours between two outer covers out in our bee  yard.  
   We have about 12 of these left, so if interested, please hurry with your order.
  And if you want to be on the waiting list for our brand new Combo Deep Screened Bottom Boards, send me an email [email protected] so we can contact  you when ready.

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