White Observation Tray

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Plain White Observation Board - The Original
20-1/8" x 15-1/4"x1/8
Screened Bottom Boards from Country Rubes made out flexible High Density Polyethylene 1/8" thick material for durability and ease of cleaning. Can be cut to size with a table or skill saw.
   They are chemical resistant and can be used to cover the screen when using acids or fumes. Bright white - easy to see and count mites.
  Non-absorbent, will stay sticky (use oil, spray or petroleum jelly) for weeks until covered with debris, as opposed to just a few days. Nothing will stick to it, easy to clean by scraping off or use soap and water. Durable, easy to bend but will not break. 
    Not UV protected, can not leave out in the sun. They can sag and warp in the heat. Clean off and place between two out covers or two pieces of plywood and let sit in the sun or in a warm place. They will straighten out in less than a day.

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