Spacing Rims

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Our Weatherproofed 1-1/2" Spacer Rims will not rot, do not need to be painted and are ready to put on your hives.
Lots of uses, creates space for feeding and  traditional miticides.
 Use with our Plastic Feeding Trays.
  Feeding Trays - See the description and slideshow HERE.  Use these trays for making Sugar Lumps, similar to making Candy Boards, but so much easier.  Simply put a sheet of newspaper on the plastic tray, wet with water and then start adding a 1-1/2 cups of granulated sugar at a time, spraying each layer with water.   This will cause the sugar to harden and will be available to your bees through out the winter if they run out of stores or can't reach them.  Repeat sugar and water to  about 1/2 short of the top Spacer Rim.
    Added bonus, easy to remove and replace.  You can check your hives or dust with powdered sugar and then replace if you feel they still need to be feed.  Bees rarely use sugar water during cold weather, but they gobble these lumps down.  

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