Dusting Screen that can double as a ventilated top for moving hives. Construction: Stainless Steel Screen, glued and stapled (1/2" crown) then inserted between two wood frames, glued and stapled (1/4") again with screws counter sunk at the corners. 

 Then the screen is dipped in a solution of boiling paraffin and tree rosin. This piece of equipment will hold up to the elements. 

 Makes sifting powdered sugar fast and easy when dusting your hives. 

 Check out our YouTube Videohttp://youtu.be/azFL5eIrSNs We will update this film soon, but you will see me using an old version of this Dusting Screen, actually an old screened bottom board, very flimsy and the window screen is started to fall apart. You have the option of replacing the exsisting screws with long screws through the pre-drilled holes at each corners so the points of the screws act has a sharp foot that holds the Dusting Screen in position while in use and at the same time, not squishing any bees (be careful, the screw points are very sharp). You can also use long screws to attach the Dusting Screen to the box for a ventilated top that can be used to move your bees. Don't leave it on full time, the bees will propolize the screen. If you have any questions, please be sure to contact me.