Country Rubes Original Screened Bottom Boards - Sold Out

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Combo Original Screened Bottom Boards
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The last of our Combo Original Model.  About 3/4" shorter than the deep and holds the Original size Small Hive Beetle Tray.
Weatherproofed and comes with a White HPDE food grade plastic observation board
   Our Combo Screened Bottom Boards comes weatherproofed and are ready to place under your hive immediately. These boards have been boiled in a solution of paraffin and tree rosin and will last for years and years.
   No other treatment is necessary.  The finish darkens with age, but continues to stand up to sun and rain. They cannot be painted as the finish penetrates the wood. 
  Comes with the original white Observation 'Sticky' Board.
  These are for 10 frame hive bodies, but can convert them for 8-frame equipment by purchasing a 8-frame adaptor.
   Vaporizing must be done on top of the screen, not underneath.  The metal screen catches the vapors and will not let them through into the hive. 

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