Beetle Jail

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Traps Small Hive Beetles in the hive bodies and supers.
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BeetleJail Baitable Trap Quanity 1 (I know picture shows two).  
  We needed an in-hive Small Hive Beetle Trap to round out our series of products to eliminate this nasty pest from your hive.  
  With the Beetle Baffle keeping the SHB's from getting into the comb, the Combo Deep Screened Bottom Board  with a Deep Oil Trap Tray baited with a tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar and a Small Hive Beetle Trap at the top of your hive to catch any beetles that are still in your hive, it's a sure way to rid your hives of this bug.

  We decided on Millers BeetleJail Baitable Trap because it is easy to use and is re-usable.  
  There are 3 compartments, a small one in the center where you put your bait like Apple Cider Vinegar (our choice), a tiny piece of comb with honey or pieces of pollen.  
  Fill the two larger reservoirs about 1/3 full of oil.
  Put it on the top super or hive body on the outside frame in the corner. 
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