Beetle Baffles -- Mounted on Weatherproofed Spacers. Sits on top of Screened Bottom Board without attaching

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Beetle Baffles - Mounted
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We mounted the Beetle Baffle pieces on spacers with notches.  Just insert the ends together and you have a frame that sits on your Screened Bottom Board.  You do not need to attach it.  Instructions on picture.

Keeps most Small Hive Beetles out of your hive. Small Hive Beetles, once in the hive, can only crawl up the walls of the inside of the super to get to the frames of honey. They don't hop and there is not enough room on the floor of the hive for them to fly.

The Beetle Baffle stops most of the beetles at the metal strips and directs them back out on to the floor of the hive. The bees continue to chase them around. If you have our screened bottom boards with our Small Hive Beetle tray,  the beetles end up trapped in the tray. 
  Add the Baitable BeetleJail  to capture any Small Hive Beetles that made it up in the frames and you have the perfect combination to rid this pest from your hives.

  Let me know if you have any questions,

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